Optimize Production, Enhance Safety, Reduce Failures, Lower Operating Costs

Dover Artificial Lift is dedicated to solving the world’s toughest oil and gas production challenges. For more than 125 years, Dover Artificial Lift products have delivered reliable and effective artificial lift and surface production equipment to our customers. Whether you need rod lift, progressing cavity pump, gas lift or plunger lift systems, our team has you covered with the best artificial lift solutions the industry has to offer. If production, optimization and reliable supply are your needs, our capability have been tried and tested by producers around the globe. And if you need to control, treat and monitor production once it reaches the surface, we provide the surface equipment to do it safely and efficiently. 

With all the time, effort, and resources that are spent on exploring, drilling, and completing fields, the last thing you need is to deal with frequent failures, non-optimized production, and wasteful delays.

Our products drive higher returns by optimizing production, reducing downtime and cutting operating costs. We seek to eliminate the sources of your headaches with quick delivery, responsive expert service, and more reliable products. Most of all, we are constantly focused on enhancing safety through awareness, training and culture for designs and failure analysis.


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